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Revenue represents the total annual revenues earned by the enterprise by the sale of goods and services during the accounting period.
588 000 €
EBITDA is a financial indicator of the company's operating performance. Annual EBITDA is expressed as profit before deducting interest, taxes and depreciation in the year.
The total amount of long-term and current assets in the Company is expressed in net book values.
235 000 €
Net debt
Net debt represents the company's indebtedness. It is expressed as the amount of interest-bearing credit minus cash in the company.
0 €
Number of employees employed in the firm on a permanent basis as of the date of publication of this teaser.

Basic information

The subject of the sale is a 100% stake in a company selling medical supplies. The company was founded in 2003 by its current owners on the basis of their previous experience in the field since 1994. The company has been growing steadily over the last 10 years and in the year 2017 it has achieved a turnover of CZK 15 million and a profit of almost 600 thousand CZK. Despite investing in relocation and branch offices in a new, more lucrative location, the company also invested in the information systems or enlarging the central warehouse.

The company rents multiple properties for its business (more information below):

  • shop with stock, workshop and administrative facilities,
  • central warehouse with loading ramp,
  • shop in the city center,
  • shop near the hospital.

All premises are equipped for their purpose, no further investment is needed. The company's inventories are continuously optimized, with a value of new goods of approximately CZK 2.8 million and spare parts of approximately CZK 300 thousand. CZK.

It also includes a fleet of 5 cars, which may or may not be part of the sale. Part of the sale may also include older medical supplies that are for sale or rent and all are in a workable condition. These are worth about 900 thousand CZK. In 2017 the turnover from the sale of older tools was 800 thousand CZK and from their rent also 800 thousand. CZK. Turnover for the sale and lease of older equipment is not included in the company's total turnover.

The company also owns the webshop and information system that has been tailored to it over the last 10 years. The system has a database of clients (15,000), orders, vouchers, service interventions, goods or medical facilities. The system also includes warehouse management, document storage, overview of various operating data, and is linked to the billing system.

The company currently employs 13 employees: 5x dealer, 4x technicians, 3x administrative worker, 1x driver / technician. External services are provided by external firms such as IT, advertising, graphic design, accounting and others.

The company has exclusive representation for the Czech Republic from 3 foreign EU producers. All products are registered on the VZP reimbursement catalog.

By January 2019, the company was approved for an overdraft account of CZK 2.5 million to help deal with short-term contracts, which may be part of the sale or can be repaid before the sale.

The company is in excellent condition and the owners will make it as easy as possible to hand over the company to the new owner.

Tangible property

  • all equipment
  • 5 cars
  • stock - 3,100,000 CZK

Intangible assets

  • website with e-shop
  • tailor-made information system
  • exclusive representation from 3 EU producers


Shop with workshop and stock:

  • workshop, admin. premises and warehouse: 75 m²
  • storeroom with a handmade warehouse: 162 m²
  • rent: 4 100 + 6 200 CZK / month

Central warehouse:

  • structured premises for the receipt, expense and storage of goods, incl. workshops
  • area: 238 m²
  • rent: 22 300 CZK / month

Shop in the city center:

  • storeroom with a handy stock and kitchen
  • area: 84 m²
  • rent: 14 300 CZK / month

Shop near the hospital:

  • storeroom with a handy stock, kitchen and workshop
  • area: 184 m²
  • rent: 17 000 CZK / month


  • salesmen: 5x
  • technician: 4x
  • Administrative worker: 3x
  • driver / technician: 1x

Net debt

Type of debt: overdraft

  • approved: until 01/2019
  • amount of debt: CZK 2,500,000

Total annual sales

  • 2017: CZK 15,000,000
  • 2016: CZK 13,400,000
  • 2015: CZK 12,400,000

Other information

History: 15 years

Reason for sale: retirement age

Legal form: s.r.o.

Subject of sale: 100% share in s.r.o.


Business broker's summary

The company has a rich history and valuable know-how. Due to the preparation of the owners for the sale of the company its dependence on them is minimal and the new owner can therefore manage only the development and expansion of the company. The opportunity is suitable for someone with experience in the field and ideal for another company already operating in the field.

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