Traditional bakery with a network of own shops

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Whole Czechia, Czech republic

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Valuation Not set
Revenue represents the total annual revenues earned by the enterprise by the sale of goods and services during the accounting period.
6 275 000 €
EBITDA is a financial indicator of the company's operating performance. Annual EBITDA is expressed as profit before deducting interest, taxes and depreciation in the year.
600 000 €
The total amount of long-term and current assets in the Company is expressed in net book values.
Net debt
Net debt represents the company's indebtedness. It is expressed as the amount of interest-bearing credit minus cash in the company.
0 €
Number of employees employed in the firm on a permanent basis as of the date of publication of this teaser.

Basic information

The subject of the sale is a 100% stake in a company engaged in the production of all kinds of pastry and confectionery. The company is highly established in the market and has a long history.

The company's portfolio of products mainly includes

  • Bread
  • roasted bread
  • fine pastry
  • delicatessen
  • confectionery production

The company is in good technical condition, the production is constantly investing in new machinery. The company operates a network of stores that supplies its own distribution. In addition to its own stores, the company also supplies local food chains.


  • Number of employees: 200


  • 15.3 mil. CZK

Net debt

  • no total debt

Average revenue

  • 160 mil. CZK

More details, including specific numbers, will be provided only after the confidentiality agreement has been signed.

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