How to buy the company through InBase?

We make purchases of companies easier

6 steps to buying a business

1. Browse our database of companies for sale

In our database, you will find companies from all possible categories. For each company we include a brief description of the operation, basic financial information and inventory. Choose the one that seems best for investment.

2. Did not find the suitable business to buy? We can help.

In case that no company in our database is sutable for you, you can join our database of investors. Based on your preferences, we will actively seek out companies that might suit your needs. If a company that falls into your preferences will emerge, we will contact you immediately.

3. We will to arrange a meeting with the seller

Once you have chosen a particular company, we will provide you with more information about the company. Then we arrange a meeting with the seller. Your anonymity will be preserved until the day of the meeting.

4. A due diligence will be conducted

A review of all financial, operational, legal and other aspects of the company will follow. This screening can be done by yourselves, or by a specialist on due diligence, that we can recomend you.

5. We will prepare all contractual documentation

Since the sale of the company (share) is not a simple operation, we will also provide consultation and all legal and administrative services associated with the sale of the company. We will also represent you before the Commercial Register and propose the best sale structure from tax and legal perspective.

6. We realize the sale

In the event that everything goes smoothly and you will be still interested in the acquisition, the transaction will take place, during which we will also take care of administrative matters.