How to buy the company through InBase?

We make acquisitions of companies easier

5 steps to buying a business from our database

1. Browse our database of companies for sale

In our database you will find businesses of all possible categories. Each business is provided with a brief description of the activity, basic financial information and asset listings. You choose the one that appears to be the most suitable for you and contact us through the appropriate form.

2. We will provide you with company identification and other information

Once you show interest in any of our offers, we'll be happy to send you more specific business information. However, we can only disclose this information after signing the confidentiality agreement we will send to you. At this stage, it is sufficient for us to receive signed copy of it by e-mail.

3. We will arrange a meeting with the seller

When you properly analyze the information and you decide that the company is still interesting for you, we will arrange a meeting with the seller. Several meetings can follow to make you better acquainted with the owner and his business.

4. A due diligence will be conducted

The next step should be to examine all financial, operational and other aspects of the company. You can carry out a due diligence with our help yourself or with your chosen due diligence specialist.

5. You can leave legal matters to us

As part of our services to the seller, we also create all the transfer documentation related to the sale of the company, the money deposit and the registration of the transfer to the public register. Therefore, if you do not agree otherwise with the seller, you can leave these matters to us.