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Why to buy a company with InBase?

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You only pay the purchase price

If you choose from our listings of companies for sale, you will pay no fees, just the price itself. Our reward is a success fee from the seller so the business will cost you as much as if you found it yourself.

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Protection against unreliable
business sellers

We are not an advertising portal! Listings are created by our business brokers, based on corporate documents and communication with the owners, so that they match reality as much as possible.

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Offers suitable for everyone

You may be a company that wants to expand, a professional investor, or an employee who doesn´t want to be employed anymore. Here you will find companies of various sizes and focuses.

You do not pay a fee as a buyer. And on the top of it:

  • We will provide you with all the necessary information about the business
  • We will provide communication and meetings with the business owner
  • We will be available to you when reviewing business
  • We will create a draft of transaction documentation
  • We will also provide a safekeeping for the sale price

Frequently asked questions

What will the process of buying a company cost me?

If you choose from the current InBase listings, you do not pay anything for mediation as a buyer. Of course, there are often additional costs associated with buying a business, the amount of which depends on the extent to which you require external assistance. These are mainly due diligence costs (legal, accounting and tax audits of the company) as well as legal support in the creation or revision of transfer documents.

How long will the purchase process take?

As soon as you find the company you are interested in and you agree with the seller on the preliminary conditions of the sale, the time of the transaction itself depends on the speed of both parties. For smaller companies, it usually takes 1-3 months. The longest part will be due to due diligence, and then the preparation and revision of transfer documents.

How do I find out the value of the company for sale?

There is no precise answer to this question, mainly due to the fact that it is mainly a subjective view of the benefits of the acquisition for the buyer. There are several calculation options, but they are usually based on the company's historical results, and most companies currently sell for 3-6 times the EBITDA average. The value can then be affected by many factors, such as the value of the assets, the state of the working capital, the market position, or any significant risks. You can find out an approximate idea of the value of the company you are interested in free of charge via valuation calculator on our website.

What if I'm not interested in anything from the web listings?

If nothing from the current offer is suitable for you, it is definitely good to contact us. We will be happy to note your preferences and contact you as soon as something comes up. It can also be non-public listings or offers from our partners, which you will not normally find on our website. If you do not have specific preferences, we recommend subscription to our newsletter, which will regularly inform you about all fresh listings.

Can you also actively search for companies?

If you have a clear idea of what you want and nothing from our current listings suits you, we can also carry out an active search for suitable companies. According to your preferences, we will look for all suitable companies on the market and address them one by one with an offer to buy. The big advantage in this case is maintaining your anonymity until you find out that the company is really suitable for you and is interested in sale negotiations.

I found a suitable company, but I need help with the process.

Of course, this is not a problem. We will be happy to guide you through the process and provide advice in all directions. Having a consultant on the buyer's side is common practice, so you can definitely use our experience so that the intended acquisition comes out exactly according to your preferences.

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Choosing a business for acquisition is not an easy task

If you do not choose from anything our database we have several options how to help you find the right company just for you. Subscribing to a newsletter, entering an acquisition demand, or actively searching for a business to acquire - all this can help you find the business you want as quickly as possible.

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