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If you choose from our listings of companies for sale, you pay no fees, just the sale price. Our reward is a success fee from the seller so the business will cost you as much as if you found it yourself.

Protection against unserious
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We are not an advertising portal! Listings are created by our business brokers, based on corporate documents and communication with the owners, so that they match reality as much as possible.

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You may be a company that wants to expand, a professional investor, or an employee who doesn´t want to be employed anymore. Here you will find companies of various sizes and focuses.

You do not pay a fee as a buyer. On the top of it you will get a free:

  • We will provide you with all the necessary information about the business
  • We allow communication and meetings with the business owner
  • We will be available to you when reviewing business
  • We will create a draft of transaction documentation
  • We will also provide a safekeeping for the sale price