Warehouse and production area with long-term tenants

Pardubický region, Czechia

Listing number: 191065

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Price / investment amountCZK 85,000,000

Annual rental income CZK 6,700,000

Annual profit of CZK 4,500,000

Net annual yield 5.2 %

Capacity utilization 100 %

Total rea 16 000 m2

Basic information

The subject of the sale is a company owning a warehouse with a strategic location near a larger city and roads. It is an area of ​​approximately 16 thousand. square meters. The area includes several warehouse and production halls. One of the buildings is partly used for administrative purposes.

The buildings of the area were built around the 1980s and are still in very good condition. The interiors of the halls are well maintained, the halls have been in permanent operation since the beginning. In recent years, several reconstructions have taken place.

The company has several (<10) long-term tenants with whom contracts are of indefinite duration. The structure of tenants is relatively stable.

The sales of the company owning the premises consist only of rent payments paid by tenants. The company’s expenses include:

  • security and cleaning
  • accounting and tax consultancy
  • electricity and heat
  • insurance
  • repairs, revisions
  • wages

The company’s annual expenditures are approximately CZK 2.6 million.

Tangible assets and property

  • buildings (estimated market value of approximately CZK 40 – 50 million)
  • land (estimated market value approx. CZK 50 million)
  • technical backgound for heat, electricity and water supply


  • the company can operate without employees

Yearly revenue

  • CZK 6,7 million 


  • CZK 4,5 million

Other information

History: more than 20 years

Legal form: a.s.

Subject of sale: 100% shares


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