Retail and wholesale of textiles, professional cosmetics and artistic needs

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Basic information

The subject of sale is a 100% share in a business engaged in the sale of products for artists, masks, theaters, designers, and more. The company has been working for 25 years and only sells quality products from European suppliers. Thanks to its long history and quality of service, it is currently delivering goods to most Slovak and foreign theaters and film productions as well as to many other buyers.

The company has its own shop with an area of ​​350 m2 in rented property. Tangible property of the company consists of a shop and warehouse, and three cars that can, but may not be, part of the sale. The stock is currently at a purchase price of approximately € 400,000.

Among the intangible assets, it is important to mention, in particular, modern e-shop websites, but also a broad customer database or the right to exclusive sale of certain products.

The company employs 8 employees and a number of part-time workers. The director’s position is currently held by the owner of the company and will therefore have to be replaced by a new owner or a new manager after the sale. The owner is willing to devote a certain amount of time to teaching the new manager and transferring know-how to the new owner.

Revenue of the company is stable and show a slight year-on-year increase, with a current value of over € 900,000. The company is being sold mailny because of other activities of the owner, who can not fully pursue the development of the company.

Tangible property

  • 3 cars
  • shop and warehouse equipment
  • stock (about € 400,000)

Intangible assets

  • contacts to suppliers
  • customer database
  • business reputation
  • website with e-shop
  • exclusive representation for some products

Annual sales

2016: € 1,063,200
2015: € 1,058,379
2014: € 830,000

Other information

History: 25 years

Reason for sale: other activities of the owner

Legal form: s.r.o.

Subject of sale: 100% share in s.r.o.

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