Popular cocktail & tapas bar in the center of Prague

Praha, Czechia

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Valuation 53 000 € (1 300 000 CZK)
Net debtNet debt is an indicator of a company's indebtedness. It is expressed as the amount of the interest-bearing loan minus the cash in the company.
3 000 €
Revenues estimate Revenues express the total annual volume of the company's performance, which the company obtained through the sale of goods and services during the accounting period.
176 000 €
HistoryDuration of business operation.
20+ years
EBITDA estimate EBITDA is a financial indicator of the company's operational performance. Annual EBITDA is expressed as earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation in a given year.
54 000 €
EmployeesThe number of employees employed in the company on a permanent employment contract as of the date of publication of the offer.

Basic information

The subject of the sale is a company operating an established and popular cocktail bar in Prague. The bar has been in operation for more than 15 years and has built up a stable customer base. The company has a very good reputation in Prague and positive reviews and ratings on portals such as Facebook, Google Maps and Tripadvisor, which is very important for the attendance of the bar.

Located in the Prague’s tourist zone, the bar is often visited by foreign visitors to the city. The bar is located on the ground floor of a building with an entrance from a busy street in the Old Town. The bar area is about 50 square meters. The interior is uniquely and elegantly furnished.

The company’s revenue and profit are growing steadily, with potential for growth in the future. The company currently employs a stable team of 7 employees (1 FTE, 6 part time workers), with which the company has been working for a long time. The team of employees is experienced and loyal to the company, operation of the bar works independently with a small daily contribution of the company owner.

The current owner’s tasks include operation control, operational meetings with employees, and potential strategic meetings (e.g. new menu, new supplier, events, etc.). In addition, the owner attends to occasional marketing meetings, and provides occasional assistance in operating the bar when necessary. The time required for the new owner will be approximately 4-8 working hours a day, the current owner believes that this activity can be combined with other work or business.

The owner sells the business mainly because of his orientation to employment and other activities. However, the owner is willing to teach the new owner in all aspects of the bar operation, if interested, he can also provide regular consultations after the sale. This offer is suitable for both experienced gastronomy entrepreneurs or beginners who want to meet their goal of having their own successful business and be profitable from the start of their business.

Tangible assets

  • all equipment of the bar (furniture, tables, bar table, chairs)
  • ice maker
  • cooling equipment
  • inventory (valued at 70 thousand CZK)

Intangible assets

  • cash register software
  • contract with a mixed alcohol supplier
  • positive reviews and ratings on social networks


  • Bar premises
    • area: 50 m²
    • rent: cca 25 000 Kč / měsíc


Number of employees: 7x

  • Bar manager

  • bartender

  • Barback

  • Marketing Specialist


  • cca 80 000 Kč


  • 2019 (estimate): 4,3 mil. Kč
  • 2018: 3,0 mil. Kč
  • 2017: 1,0 mil. Kč

Net profit

  • 2019 (estimate): 1 314 tis. Kč
  • 2018: 865 tis. Kč
  • 2017: 305 tis. Kč

Other information

History: 15 years

Reason for sale: orientation of the owner on other activities

Legal structure s.r.o.

Structure of the sale: 100% share in s.r.o.

I am interested

Ing. Tomáš Šuverík

managing director

+420 731 788 155

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