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Zlínský region, Czech republic

Listing number: 170021

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Valuation 980 000 €
Revenue represents the total annual revenues earned by the enterprise by the sale of goods and services during the accounting period.
1 961 000 €
EBITDA is a financial indicator of the company's operating performance. Annual EBITDA is expressed as profit before deducting interest, taxes and depreciation in the year.
The total amount of long-term and current assets in the Company is expressed in net book values.
980 000 €
Net debt
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Number of employees employed in the firm on a permanent basis as of the date of publication of this teaser.

Basic information

The construction company specializes in building construction, earthworks and freight transport. Another activity that the company is engaged in is the sale of gravel and bulk materials, including the transport of related materials. The company is a company known in its region with several years of tradition and good reputation.

The company has been working for sixteen years and has a very good reputation among its customers. Historically, the company has made dozens of successful projects, with a very wide range of different buildings. We can only mention the construction of houses, industrial halls, transport buildings, engineering networks, educational trails and flood protection measures. The company completes an average of 30 projects per year.

The company is based in the area with a total area of ​​7,000 m2. There are warehouses, workshops and offices occupying 624 m2 in this area. The remaining area of ​​the site is predominantly used for storage of building materials and parking for machines.

The sale includes land with a total area of ​​38,000 m2, which was previously planned for the production of gravel. However, this intention has not yet been realized and it is therefore possible to use this potential in the future.

As far as tangible assets are concerned, all the machines and equipment mentioned below are included in the sale:

4x TATRA 815, MAN with hydraulics. hand, AVIA D 60 container, Liaz 150 3-st. tipper, 3x wheel excavator, wheeled excavator, front wheel loader, small track excavator, large wheeled tractor, walker digger, RAMBO cutter, HYDRASCREEN mobile sorting machine, 4x vans, 5x passenger cars and all construction equipment.

Intangible assets include websites, customer contact and supplier contacts, know-how, licenses, ISO standards and, last but not least, good reputation with customers.

The company currently employs 45 employees. Owners would like 42 of these employees to remain in the company since they are experienced employees who have been employed in the company for many years, and in particular, they see an interesting added value in them for the company.

The activities of current owners are predominantly managerial. Sometimes he serves as a supervisor. Otherwise, there are several experienced builders in the company who take care of operations on construction sites. The company is fully operational and can immediately operate upon acquisition by the new owner. The current owner is willing to transfer know-how to the new owner and participate in the company for the next few months after the sale.

The annual turnover of the company is stable and has been around CZK 60 million on average for several years. Owners sell the business for health reasons.

Tangible assets

  • 4x TATRA 815
  • MAN with hydraulic. hands
  • AVIA D 60 container
  • Liaz 150 three-sided tipper
  • 3x wheel excavator
  • wheel rotary digger
  • front wheel loader
  • small track excavator
  • large wheeled tractor
  • "walking" excavator
  • "RAMBO" cutter
  • mobile sorting machine HYDRASCREEN
  • 4x vans
  • 5x automobile
  • all construction equipment

Intangible assets

  • website
  • list of suppliers and customers
  • contacts to business partners
  • know-how
  • ISO 9001


  • land (building yard): 7 000 m²
  • warehouses, workshops, offices: 624 m²
  • land (gravel production): 38 000 m²


  • technicians: 10x
  • drivers: 9x
  • construction workers: 26x

Total annual turnover

  • 2017: 45 000 000 CZK
  • 2016: 51 000 000 CZK
  • 2015: 51 500 000 CZK
  • 2014: 42 000 000 CZK

Other information

History: 16 years

Sale reason: health problems and retirement

Legal form: s.r.o.

Subject of sale: 100% share of s.r.o.

Business broker's summary

It is a construction company that has a very good name in the region. The owner is very fond of all his employees, with whom he has been cooperating for many years. The company has very good economic results that could have a relatively fast return on investment for the investor. There is also the possibility to exploit the potential of gravel piling on land that is part of the company's assets.

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