Company with two granite quarries with a mining license

Olomoucký region, Czechia

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Basic information

The subject of the sale is a joint-stock company owning two separate granite quarries about 2 km apart. It is possible to purchase of only one selected quarry, then the sale will take the form of the sale of land and the assignment of mining rights. The company has not yet operated the quarries, it has no employees – only the fees associated with the ownership of the quarries as such are paid. In the past, the quarries were acquired by the company as an investment, but the company has not mined since their purchase in the quarries – it was mined in the quarries only by the previous owner.

Information on individual quarries:

Quarry “Žulová”

  • These are 5 consecutive plot numbers with a total area of ​​58,057 m2.
  • Dedicated mining area with permitted extraction of 90,833 m3, but the actual reserves are much larger.
  • So far, about 4,000 m3 (10.7 thous. tons) of granite has been extracted annually
  • It is a fine to medium-grained granodiorite and granite of darker and lighter type of Silesian granite.
  • 60% is suitable for rough stone production and 40% for fine stone production.
  • Access to the quarry is via a municipal road and then your own road, there is a transformer station nearby.
  • The quarry is located just in front of a protected landscape area, after mining it can be used alternatively for recreation, on the mountain there is a church and a popular place of pilgrimage, today climbers train in the quarry.
  • Valuation of granite stocks according to expert opinion 1,043,280,000 CZK.
  • Valuation of land over inventories according to the assessment of CZK 22.5 million, which corresponds to the updated assessment from 2018 (assessment can be documented).
  • In the quarry, the overburden is already partially completed, permitted block mining with black dust blasting, used for mining: truck crane, loader, excavator, all-terrain forklift, mobile compressor and splitters.
  • By decision of the CA (Mining Authority) mining and small-scale blasting work is permitted.
  • At present, it is possible to achieve approximately 20 – 25% margin by operating the quarry.

Quarry “Vápenná”

  • These are 2 consecutive plot numbers with a total area of ​​40,659 m2.
  • Non-reserved mining area with permitted extraction of 346,770 m3.
  • Here, too, about 4.5 thousand were mined annually. tons / year of very light granitoid.
  • There is again block mining suitable for 80% for stone production and 20% for noble stone production.
  • On the plots there are remnants of the company’s social facilities, a transformer station on the boundary of the plot.
  • Valuation of granite stocks according to an expert opinion CZK 1,435,940,000.
  • According to the valuation, the value of land over inventories valued at CZK 31 million (the report can be documented).
  • The quarry is currently flooded with groundwater, the pumping of groundwater took place at the time of mining about once every 3 weeks into a stream at the boundary of the land. Here, too, nothing prevents the immediate resumption of mining.
  • The quarry has recreational potential after the completion of mining.
  • Yield of 90% for both quarries according to the thrift of extraction and use of granite quarries.

Expected economics of mining

  • Permitted mining stock 437,603 m3, 90% yield = 393,842 m3 = 2.675 t, so that’s 1,053,529 tons total supply for mining.
  • According to statistics from the Czech Statistical Office, Silesian granite for cubes, curbs, etc. was sold in 2018 for CZK 2,050 / t. So if the entire stock was sold with a 90% yield, then the sale would be CZK 2,159,734,905.
  • 20% of the margins would reach CZK 431,946,981 of the total estimated sales.
  • Input costs outside the current operating costs required for mining = purchase of quarries (modulation price) + 15 miles purchase of machinery.
  • The annual extraction of 15,000 t / year is a small-scale extraction, corresponding to the original extraction of the company from which the quarries were purchased. This range would be quarries mined in about 70 years with 90% yield.

The company has prepared detailed documentation for both quarries, including an assessment of the market price of extractable reserves, assessments of the price of land, opening plans and mining. We will provide all documentation to serious interested parties on the basis of a signed confidentiality agreement.

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