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Valuation 286 000 € (7 000 000 CZK)
Net debtNet debt is an indicator of a company's indebtedness. It is expressed as the amount of the interest-bearing loan minus the cash in the company.
0 €
Revenues Revenues express the total annual volume of the company's performance, which the company obtained through the sale of goods and services during the accounting period.
1 980 000 €
HistoryDuration of business operation.
20+ years
EBITDA EBITDA is a financial indicator of the company's operational performance. Annual EBITDA is expressed as earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation in a given year.
on request
EmployeesThe number of employees employed in the company on a permanent employment contract as of the date of publication of the offer.

Basic information

The subject of sale is the business plant of S.O.S. – DEKORACE, s.r.o., engaged in services in the field of turnkey decorative solutions. The company has been operating on the market for more than 25 years and during this time has expanded its portfolio of customers throughout Europe and Asia, where it has become the leader of companies in this field. It has built its success mainly on an experienced team of employees, creativity, and the production process under one roof (from idea to implementation), i.e. on a complete decorative solution. The company offers decorative and craft services, which include graphic design and design, production, installation and subsequent service.

The company got into financial difficulties due to a historically high burden of bank loans, which, in conjunction with the covid epidemic and the closing of shopping centers and stores during the Christmas holidays, when sales are naturally the highest, led to insolvency. As part of the insolvency proceedings, the company is selling its business plant, including fixed assets, inventory, employees, and supplier-customer relationships. The property is monetized as part of the insolvency proceedings, and therefore the existing monetary obligations or bank debts of the company are not transferred to the buyer.

This is therefore the sale of the company’s plant as part of insolvency proceedings. The sale of the plant is ensured by InBase in cooperation with the insolvency administrator, the sale of the company’s business plant is approved by the creditors’ committee.

Currently, the company operates normally, has employees and executes orders, so the new owner can take over the business plant in a fully functional way. The company has many long-term customers who especially appreciate the comprehensiveness of the services. These are cities and municipalities, advertising and event agencies, real estate development, shopping centers, zoos and amusement parks, film production. Designers, planners, craftsmen, traders and implementation technicians work in the company. Many of them have been employed here for more than 10 years. Most have knowledge and experience in more than two positions in the company.

From Christmas decorations, the company expanded its activity into the segment of scenography, interior production, playgrounds and furniture, park improvements, but also mechatronics, lighting effects and large construction units, such as the Sloninec – Hrošinec ZOO Prague contract, where it was the general contractor. During the expansion of business activities abroad, she acquired knowledge in international trade and marketing.

The company now operates in a leased industrial area in Prague 4, Dobronická Street, where the outdoor area is 700 m2 – outdoor warehouse, the indoor area is 1000 m2 – offices and workshops. The operation can be carried out comfortably even in smaller spaces than before.

The company’s customers included such customers as, for example, Tesco, Ikea, Prague, CPI, Pilsner Urquell or Globus. Currently, it also supplies products and services to cities and towns, leading museums, amusement parks or business networks. It is on the list of qualified contractors for the state administration.

During the last ten years, the company has been involved in projects that go beyond the area of decorations. In particular, interior design and outdoor furniture for multinational companies and government has moved the entire process of the contract into a more sophisticated process of designs, projects, production and assembly. The company intends to focus on 3D printing in the future. If the current trend persists, it is possible to continue the established growth trend, but without historical indebtedness. With the purchase, the buyer also acquires two subsidiaries that have individual added values. The company has two branches, in Slovakia and in Russia. The Slovak branch has a long-standing tradition and has been profitable for a long time.

The value of the company’s business plant was determined by an expert opinion from 2023, using the property method at the amount of CZK 11,419,000.00. We are of course able to provide evidence of the opinion to interested parties. The offer is ideal for interested parties who, by taking over the plant, will be able to continue (without the need to pay debt service) the successful operation of S.O.S. – DEKORACE, s.r.o. and for a relatively low price to acquire a functioning plant with already established employees and long-term customers. The company has a portfolio of permanent customers (municipalities, shopping centers), they are now waiting to see how things will turn out with the company and are ready to continue cooperation.


Tangible assets

  • extensive furniture with decorations, LED lighting and decorations (estimated value 2.4 million CZK according to the appraisal)
  • equipment of offices including hardware, security and camera system, equipment of workshops in the form of machines and tools (estimated value CZK 2.0 million according to the assessment)

Intangible assets

  • collectible claims
  • 100% business share in the subsidiary S.O.S.- DEKORÁCIE, s.r.o., in Slovakia, business share in the subsidiary S.O.S. – DEKORACE, OOO, in Russia (estimated value CZK 3.0 million according to the assessment)
  • trade mark S.O.S. DECORATIONS 
  • functional websites and profiles on social networks
  • the Helios economic information system and the company’s existing trained team of employees


  • number of employees: 7x


  • none, the object of sale is a commercial plant without any load

Total annual sales

  • 2018: CZK 73.2 million
  • 2019: CZK 65.3 million
  • 2020: CZK 42.2 million (covid pandemic)
  • 2021: CZK 42.3 million (covid pandemic)
  • 2022: CZK 48.5 million
  • 2023: CZK 4.7 million (for the first 3 months of the accounting period, activity was dampened due to insolvency)

Operating EBITDA

  • 2019: CZK 6.35 million
  • 2020: -2.8 million CZK
  • 2021: CZK 2.4 million
  • 2022: -11.1 million CZK
  • 06/2023: -1.8 million CZK

Other information

  • History: 25+ years
  • Reason for sale: insolvency of S.O.S. decoration s.r.o.
  • Legal form: commercial plant
  • Subject of sale: 100% share in s.r.o.


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managing director

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