Successful production of profiles for plasterboard construction

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Net debt
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0 €
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837 000 €
History of business operation.
24 years
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82 000 €
Number of employees employed in the firm on a permanent basis as of the date of publication of this teaser.

Basic information

The subject of sale is a company engaged in the production of open think-walled profiles. The company has been operating for 20 years and has a profit at this time.

Tangible assets include production lines, forklifts, cars and office equipment totaling 8,5 mil. CZK.

Among intangible assets, it is worth mentioning contracts with customers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also Austria. Contracts with suppliers from the Czech and Slovak Republics are also valuable. It is also important that the company owns all necessary certificates.

The owner works in the company about 20 hours a week and performs the function of an executive in which he will have to replace the new owner. The company is otherwise fully functional and after acquisition by a new owner can operate without changes. The owner is looking for an active investor, who will devote to the company and grow with it. The existing owner is willing to pass on all information and know-how concering the company. The subject of the sale is a 20% – 100% stake in the company.

Tangible assets

  • 3x production lines
  • 3x forklifts
  • 2x cars
  • office, warehouse and factory equipment

Intangible assets

  • contracts with suppliers and customers
  • client database
  • certificates
  • website


Production and storage hall:

  • size of buildings: 800 m²
  • size of the land area: 3500 m²
  • rent: 32 000 CZK / month


  • Number of employees: 6

Total annual turnover

  • 2018: 20,5 mil. Kč
  • 2017: 23 mil. Kč
  • 2016: 17,5 mil. Kč
  • 2015: 18 mil. Kč

Annual profit (EBITDA)

  • 2018: 2 mil. Kč
  • 2017: 1,5 mil. Kč
  • 2016: 1,5 mil. Kč
  • 2015: 1 mil. Kč

Other information

History: 20 years

Reason for sale: age of the owners

Legal structure: s.r.o.

Structure of the sale:20% – 100% share in s.r.o.


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