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Banskobystrický region, Žilinský kraj, Slovakia

Listing number: 220029

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Valuation 199 000 €
Net debt
Net debt represents the company's indebtedness. It is expressed as the amount of interest-bearing credit minus cash in the company.
0 €
Revenue odhad
Revenue represents the total annual revenues earned by the enterprise by the sale of goods and services during the accounting period.
420 000 €
History of business operation.
8 years
EBITDA odhad
EBITDA is a financial indicator of the company's operating performance. Annual EBITDA is expressed as profit before deducting interest, taxes and depreciation in the year.
Number of employees employed in the firm on a permanent basis as of the date of publication of this teaser.

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Real estate

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Production building






Total annual sales


Operating EBITDA


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Ing. Tomáš Šuverík

managing director

+420 731 788 155

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