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Valuation 1 763 000 € (43 200 000 CZK)
Net debtNet debt is an indicator of a company's indebtedness. It is expressed as the amount of the interest-bearing loan minus the cash in the company.
0 €
Revenues Revenues express the total annual volume of the company's performance, which the company obtained through the sale of goods and services during the accounting period.
3 306 000 €
HistoryDuration of business operation.
22 years
EBITDA EBITDA is a financial indicator of the company's operational performance. Annual EBITDA is expressed as earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation in a given year.
on request
EmployeesThe number of employees employed in the company on a permanent employment contract as of the date of publication of the offer.

Basic information

The subject of sale is a transport company that specializes in international truck transport. The company has been on the market for almost 20 years. The company achieves stable returns mainly thanks to good contracts with several major customers.

The company is located in rented premises, where administrative building, workshop and parking for trucks is located in one place. The area of ​​the buildings is 400 + 300 m² and the total land area is about 1 500 m². The new owner can stay in the rental or move the company to other premises.

The company’s tangible assets include 23 trucks, where 3 trucks has Euro 5 emission class, others have Euro 6 emission class. The vehicles are equipped with a GPS monitoring system. Company also owns 23 trailers, as well as a van and two passenger cars.

The company now employs around 40 employees, whose employment is also expected after the sale. The owners are work as managers of the company.

Owners decided to sell the company because of their other business activities in which they would like to invest the money from the sale. However, the company is fully operational and can continue to function as soon as it is acquired by a new owner.

Tangible assets

  • 2x car
  • 1x delivery van
  • 23x truck
  • 23x trailer

Intangible assets

  • advantageous contracts with customers
  • know-how

Rented property

Office building, workshop, parking:

  • land: 1 500 sqm
  • buildings: 400 + 300 m²


  • number of employees: 40


Vehicle leasing

  • 25% of the fleet
  • repaid by the end of 2022

Annual turnover

  • average: EUR 3 million / year

Other information

History: 20 years

Reason for sale: other activities

Legal structure s.r.o.

Structure of the sale: 100% share in s.r.o.


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Ing. Michal Volník


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